​Moving Toward Health and Freedom is a guide to personal practice and is also an excellent text for use in Hatha Yoga teacher training programs.



​​moving toward health and freedom is simply a choice.  We are sometimes forced into that decision by an injury or an old pattern which causes pain that can no longer be ignored. That pain can be physical, psychological or spiritual.  The decision to create a life of purpose, prosperity, health and freedom is the beginning of the yoga journey. One way to organize this journey is to take five steps toward health and freedom.  Begin the transformation from the life of a victum, to the CO-creator of the life you choose to live. Hatha Yoga provides a simple and direct method of practice.The five aspects of this practice are: 1) Pratyhara - self awareness  2) Remove Vasanas - unconscious habitual patterns 3) Kriya - align with natural patterns of movement 4) Viveka- discernment; choose to live daily in forgiveness and gratitude  5) Jivanmukti - live as an awakened person in co-creative relationship with others and nature. Reservoirs of energy and creativity are freed by following these practices. As the body comes into harmony with nature, so does the mind. ​This is the great insight of Hatha Yoga.

After the arms and legs are integrated, the practice takes a quantum leap through visualization and breath into inner body movement.  Pranayama and meditation deepen the practice and open the process of self evolving creativity.  The practice becomes more individual yet more connected to nature and the collective consciousness.. Health and freedom are dynamically evolving processes. Health is not simply staying in a neutral balance.  ​It is an open ended, spontaneous dance.  It is the freedom to live your own dream, while Offering that dream in service to others.  In this way you will prosper personally and create a sustainable community.  There is a Spontaneous continuum of evolution which is blocked by trauma and authoritarian socialization.  Hatha Yoga names this continuum "kundalini Shakti".  It is our birthright and is freed to flow naturally by practicing with the five aspects of yoga.