Prana Mandala

Many texts on Pranayama warn the student to practice only under the guidance of a teacher. One reason is that pranayama that only moves in the chest and not through the breathing diaphragm can cause some health problems rather than strengthen health. The video "Restoring a Natural Breath"  teaches you diaphragmatic breathing . This video sells for $10.00 US or $180 pesos MX and is available at Anthony's public classes and workshops. This sequence is the first lesson in the chapter on pranayama in Moving Toward Health and Freedom.

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   Anthony holds certificates in Iyengar and Anusara yoga. He is a registered 500 E-RYT  and Continuing Education Provider with the Yoga Alliance .His most significant recent influences are Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten.  Anthony resides in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico where he maintains a private practice and teaches at Drishti Yoga Center. 

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Experience Yoga as an exploration in the present moment while honoring the traditional foundations of the practice.  Anthony has been practicing yoga for 45 years and teaching for 27. He owned a yoga studio and is the author of Moving Toward Health and Freedom, Understanding Hatha Yoga.  He teaches to the whole person inviting students to live an inspired, creative life.

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